This is me. I’ve thought about what the story of my experience of the pandemic would be since I started this series in 2020. And I keep coming back to a in April 2020. It was a really sunny, beautiful day. I stepped out on my front porch and looked up my street and realized we are absolutely fucked. Fucked. I thought about how in order to get out of the pandemic safely with minimal death we were dependent on a large percentage of us to be considerate and to give a shit about other people. I knew THAT would never happen.

I saw predictions at that time that the pandemic would last 18 months or less. My workplace was predicting 3 months. I felt a bit bad that this realization was pointing to my own prediction being far, far more dire. Today, after two years, two months filled with evidence that indeed, human decency and consideration was never and will never happen, the pandemic remains far from over.