There’s no way to put a fine point on it–I make jewelry out of garbage. I like to find bits and pieces of copper wire, like old co-ax cable, strip it and use it to make jewelry. I am always scanning the streets as I walk my dog and walk around downtown. My favorite things to use are aluminum cans that have been run over/flattened or old cigarette packages. I have always had a bit of a dilemma about making jewelry because professional jewelers work in silver and copper and gemstones and I just…..can’t. I have loaded up online shopping carts with the supplies and tools to make silver jewelry and I’ve tried to place the order but I just…can’t. The value placed on silver and gold and gemstones seems completely arbitrary. I can’t say I will never work with silver but until then I’m going to stick to my cigarette packages, run over cans and co-ax cable I’ve pulled out of my wall.

Some examples of my jewelry below: